Liturgy Class Sessions

Please note: This page only reflects the last three classes (upcoming). For the full Schedule, go here.


Session 13 May 13 Yamim Noraim IV - audio available

The final 3 sessions will meet at 9:30AM.

The list for divrei tefillah is as follows:
  • Avinu Malkeinu - Cindy Freedman
  • Ki anu amecha - Simcha Z
  • P'tach lanu sha'ar - Lynn
  • Al chet - Yafa
  • Ya'aleh - Cynthia
  • Le Eyl Orekh Din - Shulamit
I'm not sure who still needs to do a dvar tefillah - you should know who you are! - The following remain for your choice:
Le'el orekh Din
El Melech Yoshev
Ata konanta/Amitz koach
Asarah harugei malchut (Eleh Ezkerah)
Ma anu - meh chayyeinu

Ki hinei kahomer - Deb just posted her paper to the wiki a few days ago - so I don't know if it's fair for someone else to do a dvar tefillah...

Session 14 May 20 Yamim Noraim V

  • Core Poetry: Unetaneh Tokef, Elohim Eli Ata, Hayom, Ki Hinei, Ya’aleh
    • Students: Please prepare Unetaneh Tokef
  • “Tzom”; Kol Nidrei, Vidui (variants); Melidies/Niggunim
    • Presentation: Leah or Cindy on Kol Nidrei
    • Presenation: Shoshana on "Dramatic Elements"
    • Dvar Tefillah:
Session 15 May 27 Yamim Noraim VI
    • Presentation: Yafa on Vidui
  • Seder Ha’Avodah, Martyrology, Yizkor
    • Presentation: Cynthia on Seder HaAvodah
Session 16 June 3 Yamim Noraim VII
  • Neilah, Ma’ariv,
  • D'var Tefillah: Shulamit on "Le Eyl Orekh Din"
  • Concluding Reflections