This is something that I dreamed up for my congregation this past Tu b'Shevat. The idea is that you can just have one simple card in front of you. (It has 2 sides--don't forget to scroll down to side 2!) It's nice to get it laminated, so food or spilled wine do not make a difference. I brought many songs, skits for kids, and other readings to supplement the order laid out here. But I wanted something visually stimulating, and that would really explain to the mystical "greenhorns" about the 4 Worlds, and also, with this as the skeletal outline of the seder you can "flesh it out" from year to year with different emphases, whether it be ecological, mystical, feminist, or whathaveyou. I don't know whether you can download this from here to your own computer, but if you can't and you would like a pdf of it, just write me and I'll be happy to send it to you. You can send this pdf to a commercial printer and they can print them up for you in full color on cardstock, laminate them, whatever you need.Oh, I want to give credit to the man who implemented this card for me, a computer graphics artist named Les Schacter, who lives near me in Oyster Bay. He is a big Renewal fan! Shoshana