Birkat ha chamah in Oslo
I invited people to join me for Birchat haChamah.
At 6 am on april 8th, six people showed up at my door.
We walked together in the rain to a hilltop in a park close to where I live.

I had put together elements of Birchat Chamah services I had found on the net.
Our service began around 6.15 am - 5 min. before sunrise.

We began by chanting “Vi’hi noam, …”(Ps.90,17)
After an introduction for why we were gathered, referring to texts that mention this event,
I leyned Gen. 1,14-19 in both Hebrew and Norwegian,
then read some of the blessings from in Norwegian.

We sang – "Here comes the Sun" by The Beatles,

then did the blessing together, followed by shechechianu.

The ceremony was closed by our singing “Morning has Broken” followed by a blast on my shofar.

This happened to be a very wet experience, – however we clearly noticed the sky becoming lighter as we were gathered. It also turned out to be a very sweet experience and I felt that it had just the right length taken the circumstances and people in consideration.
We then all went back to my apartment where we shared our last chametz breakfast, then burned the rest of our chametz in my fireplace.
A very lovely way to begin my last pesach preparations.
Here Comes the Sun
Birchat ha Chamah in rain