This is a wiki for Rabbi Sami Barth's Aleph Rabbinical Course in Liturgy of Festivals and High Holidays, Spring 2009.


Thank you to our sponsors: Leah, Shoshana, Cynthia, and Deb! One day, we may be able to morph this wiki into something more permanent, like a wiki-Talmud.

If you need recordings of previous classes, please let me know. Otherwise I won't upload them.

If you cannot access the Jacobson book (High Holiday volume only), I have scanned it here (right click and open in a new window/tab, then save the swf file. Open it with your web browser, eg. Firefox. To turn the page, just click on the text area. Cynthia has graciously agreed to host the pdf file - you can find it here. As she put it, if it comes back into print, you are obligated to buy it... - Simcha Daniel

Look: Reb Sami has copied some of Fr Hovda's material here: Custody of the Tongue

Please note the new Schedule - last three classes

Syllabus and Assignments in case you still don't know!

For Week 2: please look at Zahavy Scan.pdf also at id=3GAGnU2daLEC&printsec= frontcover&vq=Hallel#PPP4,M1

Also I would like volunteer for a 2 minute dvar t'fillah on kiddush and on Hallel and on "Hasi'eynu" - only if anyone feels they have time and are moved to do so.

Please note - see page sign-up for assignments? and edit it to add your topics. I will speak to Reb Sami this week about scheduling. - Simcha Daniel

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