Simcha Z:
Longer presentation:
High Holyday lectionary (Torah/Haftarah) - origins, evolution, meaning
The Five Megillot as they relate to the holiday cycle

Cindy F.:
1. Longer Presentation - Kol Nidrei

1. Longer Presentation -- Shoah
2. Other presentation on structure, texts and meaning of Avodah and/or Yizkor

1. Longer Presentation - Vidui

  1. For a longer presentation: I am interested in Kol Nidrei, and would like to include musical aspects (settings, composers, etc.) in my exploration. I am also interested in the High Holiday lectionary.
  2. Davar Tefillah: Geschem and Tal insertions

  1. For a davar tefillah: could I do one on the special insertions of the 13 Middot and Va'ani Tefillati (and the "Ribonon shel Olam prayer inbetween) in the Torah service on Festival days that don't fall on Shabbat?
  2. For one of the longer presentations: I am very interested in the one on "dramatic elements" that go into the makeup of special days on the calendar; if that one is already taken, my second choice is the Placement, etc. of the Martyology, Yizkor and Avodah services on YK.
  3. For the reflection on a classical piyyut, I would love to do one on the piyyut "Mareh Kohen" from Avodah service on YK.
  4. For a presentation on a more recent piyyut...I have two ideas: Is "The Butterfly" poem used in many Yom haShoah service "recent" enough? If it fits the category, I would like to do that. If not, how about the environmental "al cheyt"'s from David Seidenberg's Please advise. Shoshana


  1. For the longer presentation, I'm interested in the relationship between the 5 megillot and holiday cycle. more later... :)

  1. For the longer presentation I would like to do either Mitzvot "ma'asiyot" associated with the symbolic calendar: Shofar, lulav, sukkah, matza.
  2. For a second choice I would want to work onTisha b'Av and other calendar fasts
  3. I would like to do a dvar tefilah on Neillah

Rachel, Deb, Melissa:
  1. For the longer presentation: Rachel, Deb, and Melissa would like to work together on a presentation on contemporary poetry in the liturgy, or on piyyutim; and we'd like to go fairly late in the semester, given our collective travels in Feb and March. - rbarenblat rbarenblat Feb 23, 2009
  2. Rachel will do a d'var tefilah on tal on 3/11. - rbarenblat rbarenblat Mar 10, 2009

Simcha Daniel:
  1. Piyyut: Hineni and other piyyutim on similar themes for High Holidays
  2. Dvar Tefilla: Hoshanot
  3. Modern: I would be glad to present on the Israeli Reform Movement's "Ma'amad" service, specifically the "replacement Ma'amad" in which traditional prayers are replaced by modern readings, followed by the traditional Chatima (this was a model used in the new Reform siddur "mishkan tefilla").

Deb Kolodny:
Sorry for the delay on this-it is good to be in the flow of things now.
I would like to do a Dvar Tefilla on Malchuyot, Zichronot and Shofarot on April 29 and another one on El Nora Alilah on May 27, for the session on Neilah.
Also-I see there are two classes to be held on Sundays. I teach from 9 am until 1:30 on Sundays and am also obligated from 6-8. I realize that many people will have obligations so I am not expecting things to revolve around my schedule-just letting you all know.
Kol tov,

I also have Sunday morning obligations. Is there anyway around this Reb Sami?